BioPreferred® Program Excellence in Procurement Awards

Nomination Period Now Open!

Through its annual Excellence in Procurement Awards, the BioPreferred Program recognizes outstanding achievements made by federal employees and contractors who advance the purchase and use of biobased products and make significant contributions sustainable acquisition. All federal employees and contractors procuring biobased products for the Federal Government may be considered for this year's awards.

And the nomination period is now open!

Do you know a Contracting Officer, federal contractor, or other federal acquisition professional whose work last year ensured maximum use of biobased products? Please nominate them for an award here. You can also nominate yourself or a group of individuals. The deadline for submission is September 5, 2022.

USDA will evaluate award nominations based on:

  • Demonstrable results in the purchase and use of biobased products that drive U.S. economic activity and U.S. job creation.
  • Models for acquiring, using, or validating biobased products that replace non-biobased products.
  • Process achievements such as including biobased products requirements in contracts resulting in the purchase of biobased products.
  • Overcoming barriers that limit opportunities for incorporating biobased products in federal activities such as revising specifications to require biobased products.
  • Innovations that can serve as a model or be transferred readily to other processes, facilities, divisions, sub-agencies, or contractors.

The nomination process is easy – simply provide the name(s) of the individual(s) who deserve recognitions, a summary of why you are nominating them, and a more detailed description of why you believe the award is deserved. You may also include photographs or any attachments. Nominations can be based on a specific accomplishment or body of work related to the purchase and use of biobased products and/or contracting for the purchase and use of biobased products.

Questions about this Awards program should be referred to Vernell Thompson at

Winners will receive a plaque and have their success stories featured on the BioPreferred Program website, in issues of our BioBuzzGov and BioBuzz newsletters, and in media releases.

Thank you for your anticipated submissions. We can't wait to read them and celebrate the ways the federal sustainable acquisition community is buying and using biobased products!